Best PC flight simulations in the history of games

Those users who have ever tried to play a combat fighter video simulator remember that such a time is hard to break away from. Many hours pass like a beautiful dream. In addition, when that dream ends, many long hours pass in this game.

The best PC flight simulators are one of the best entertainments that allow you to develop attention skills, the ability to quickly assess changes in the external environment and the ability to take appropriate solutions.

We have to remind you that today, flight simulations are not at their peak of popularity, as they were a few years ago. This is why video game developers pay less attention to the development of this style than they did a few years ago.

In modern game world, there are new flight simulators. Nevertheless, there are still true masterpieces.

War Thunder

This game became a classic of its genre, but it was released in 2012. This project was one of the most successful ten years ago in this style.

  • The dynamics and physics of flights have been worked out on the basis of scientific research and look quite realistic.
  • Huge choice of combat aircraft of different types.
  • An equally wide range of real aviation weapons with strong and correct ballistics.

Tanks, combat vehicles and warships of all major types are part of your adversaries. Gamer can use combat aircraft from 10 different states among those with the most capable armed forces.

However, you’re going to face some extra challenges. Therefore, mastering the art of fighting machines is something that you’re going to spend many hours on. You can’t be a good pilot until you’ve mastered this art.

This game will throw you into realistic combat.

Microsoft Flight Simulator

Microsoft Flight Simulator

It’s a pretty fresh flight simulator that went viral in 2020. The flight map covers almost the entire planet, which are 37000 real ports and 2 million settlements.

This game has relatively peaceful gameplay, which aims at developing aviation. It’ll give you an added complication, because as a pilot, you’ll have to control huge airliners, understand and put them on the ground without blowing up a million dollars’ worth of car, which is a very hard process.

It is a unique and realistic training device for dreamers to climb the skies and to sit at the helm of airliners of international class.

Beginners to this game will be able to get smart tips at every turn. Those gamers who already have experience in piloting this game will stop receiving tips and start piloting based on their intuition and previous skills.

This game will give you the opportunity to try a cooperative mode that simulates the real conditions of flight in densely populated air space.


This project was released a short time ago and became very popular in 2019. It has beautiful graphics and the ability to shoot a lot. Virtual reality support creates a full immersion effect. If you put on VR glasses, you don’t need to constantly move from a flat map to a three-dimensional space because you’re already in that space.

Firefights with drones, scheduling in severe storm and turbulence situations, aerial duels, and top pilots between narrow slots in the Rocky Mountains is something the developers introduced into the game not so long ago. Even if your hands flinch quietly, you still get a hollow failure and a plane crash that burns it.

The dynamics of fighting in this game is what will surely capture your spirit, and it will be difficult for you to deal with tough opponents.