The longest games for the computer

Computer and video games have long been an integral part of the culture of modern society. There are single-player gameplay and co-op ones that you can play with your friends or rivals. Finally, video games are divided by style and storyline.

Nevertheless, one parameter applies to every game in the world. That’s their duration. Unlike card games, in which you can play almost indefinitely and never lose the ability to finish matching, most video games have a finite algorithm that their developers put in them.

Many shooters can go from start to finish in just a few hours. However, the distribution of good shooters requires a lot of money from their creators.

That is why the question of what there are the longest games you will have to spend at least a hundred hours on without repeating the cycle from the beginning, which in turn would be too boring. Therefore, you should read this article, which will describe you the longest games. It is also much more pleasant to buy them, as spending the same money on short games is not such a pleasant process.

Long open world games

Games of this type have their own gameplay features. The estimated time of complete completion is from hundreds to thousands of hours of continuous process (all side quests are included in this time too).

  • Dark Souls. The developers guarantee more than a hundred hours of immersion in the cruel world of the ruthless warrior who travels in this unique game world. This game has a unique plot that not everyone will like because there are many blood, dark and violence. Still, oddly enough, this game has helped a lot of gamers get over depression.
  • Kingdom Come: Deliverance. More than one hundred and twenty hours of adventure you will spend in castles and plains of medieval Bohemia, which was once located in the territory of modern Czech Republic, and this is the country that today is included in the list of countries with the most number of castles). There’s no magic or sorcerers in this game, but you can fight your opponents with swords and show your best racing qualities. It is RPG, which has a plot in the form of a story of the character and his path through the career ladder, which in medieval times had a different name, and it was a «class hierarchy». Therefore, your character will go from a commoner in ragged clothes to a knight in shining armour.
  • Dragon Age: Inquisition. It is a four-way game. In the course of the story, you will have to chop the heads off dragons that have great powers many times greater than those of the hero do. After hours of fierce fighting, you will travel around the world of the game and learn a lot of new information.
Dragon Age: Inquisition

Therefore, we listed games that you can enjoy using large-scale and interesting games

Unique games of ages

First, we should mention a legendary project called The Sims. Many fans have been playing this game for many years and are not bored. The main feature of the project is that the gamer can shape characters in their unique manner and even copy celebrities from real life.

In this game, you can control characters of all ages. That’s why this game is a kind of analogy for a perfect life. The reason for this is that it will allow you to create a character that will be surrounded only by the people and things that you want to see around you in the real world.

The series includes The Sims 2 and The Sims 3, which you can live with pleasure.