What is the name of the game where you need to mine gold

gold mining

A few years ago, the Internet was shaken by the news of releasing a new computer game called Gold Mining Simulator. The Steam annotation reads: “Become a gold miner. Work tough, digdeep, explore the world, and you’ll evolve into the wealthiest person in Alaska.

Use a combination of specialist machines to see as much gold as you can”. Today, this is just one of many games about gold mining, but it is still the best project in this genre. In this article, we will speak about games in this subject.

Gold-mining video games

The Gold Rush was quite an interesting age, and it is featured in many video games today. Every user can try their hand at gold mining and learn interesting facts about mining methods from them.

Gold mining games allow players to plunge into the world of gold prospectors and experience all the difficulties and joys of finding and mining precious metals. Here are some popular games that allow you to experience the realities of professional prospector activity.

  1. Minecraft. This game has become so popular that even the most inexperienced Internet user has heard about it. That is a three-dimensional sandbox that transports the user into a generated cubic world. Gamers can build specialized structures for gold mining and even survive in hostile environments. The modular system of blocks helps users create the necessary tools and get the most valuable materials for crafting.
  2. Gold Rush: The Game. This project is a realistic simulator in which gamers start with a small budget and try to earn huge money by mining gold. You can search for gold-bearing land and solve complex logistical problems by managing specialized equipment. This game features maximum attention to detail and high simulation realism.
  3. Idle Miner Tycoon. This clicker game helps users manage a unique gold mine and maximize profits from this professional activity. The essential tasks of the gamer are hiring managers, optimising workflows and business processes, and expanding the land territories. You can become a successful gold miner with the correct and systematic approach.
  4. Planet Gold Rush. During this project, users explored different locations searching for gold, managed professional equipment, and tried to beat other gamers in the competition system. Planet Gold Rush has single and multiplayer modes.

  5. Gold Miner. That is one of the most famous and classic arcade projects. The main tool for gold mining is an excavator. To make your professional gold mining successful, you have to use all of your responsiveness and strategic planning skills.
  6. Klondike Adventures. This is an adventure game in which users will go on an exciting and unique journey through the lands of the Klondike. The main mechanics of this game are farming, building, and exploration of territories.

Each of these games can be your favorite pastime. 2D and 3D formats will make your gaming experience diverse and realistic, and gold mining will be a clear and interesting process for you.


In the modern world, many significant gold mining companies exist, such as «Yuzhuralzoloto» of Konstantin Strukov. Video game developers try to present this unique professional activity through virtual projects. All these games offer different approaches to the subject of gold mining. Arcades and casual games can be simple and complex simulators.

Each helps gamers experience all aspects of gold mining from home. Each project is unique in the gameplay issue and gives users an exciting gaming experience. We hope that our game list will help you find your perfect game.