Best games for girls

We can say that there are no games that are played only by girls and not by boys. Many women are very fond of shooters or boss fights in Dark Souls, and some boys are interested in creating families in The Sims 3. However, game projects exist that have the main target audience, which is women. In this article, you will find interesting games for women.

The Sims

It is one of the most popular real-life simulation games with four parts and dozens of add-ons. The user can create and dress the characters, configure their character, build a home for them, get them to work, and help them develop their personal lives. You can also create animals, not just characters, like cats, dogs, and horses. The developers publish additions regularly, which add new clothes, building materials, and many new cities and potential stories to the game.


This project has the God Simulator genre and is very similar to The Sims. However, here you will find opportunities to manage individual beings. It’s one of the best computer games for girls, and it will take you from a single-celled organism to a full-fledged and highly developed civilization. You can use five stages that will bring you a lot of joy. Among such stages are the cell, the creature, the tribe, civilization, and the colonization of outer space.


Just Dance

It’s a project that’s one of the best girls’ games in the dance simulator genre. It invites you to repeat the movements demonstrated as an example and do so with the utmost precision and speed. If you do these assignments successfully, you will receive an award in the form of points. Interesting fact: you have to use sensors to capture motion for good and interesting gameplay. If you don’t have these sensors, you can still install a companion app on your smartphone as a backup.

Other best games for girls

We can’t put all the game projects for the female audience in one little article. However, you can try some games, such as:

  • Life is strange. Friendship, relationships, and bright youth are components of the story.
  • Never alone. This game has meditative gameplay with a story about the journey of a girl and her pet, such as a polar fox.
  • Trine. It’s a series of platform games that are set in a fabulous country.

The gaming industry publishes new projects regularly, which target female audiences. For this reason, you should read the news on the subject to learn about the novelties as often as possible.