Game Screen Recorder apk: A Mobile Game Recording Utility

According to the developers, Game Screen Recorder apk is not just another mobile application that allows one to record a screen during the game. On the contrary, it is a high-class product. Such a claim does not seem modest, but only until you try to work with the program. Then everything falls into place, and one understands how great it is that there are websites providing app downloads for Android and containing software of such a high quality and broad functionality.

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What Is Game Screen Recorder Capable Of?

The Game Screen Recorder apk app pleases users with the following features after its completely free installation:

  1. The utility detects games on a smartphone and can be turned on automatically. Moreover, these options are unconditional.
  2. Another significant advantage is that the program does not require root access. It is both very convenient and safe, which is good news.
  3. If you would like to make a recording more informative, harmonious, and showy, you can take advantage of a special function for editing an intro. A created intro is easily added to the captured game video.
  4. Customizing the video recording button. Users can adjust the transparency level of the button displayed during recording as they see fit so that it does not disturb the gameplay. Besides, users are free to upload any custom image for the button to make its design more interesting.
  5. If necessary, the recording can be paused and resumed.
  6. Game Screen Recorder apk can be taken from the website where you can download free Android applications. This implies that the program is completely free. Indeed, there are no restrictions, advertising banners, etc.
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Can’t record from a tablet? What is wrong with it? Unfortunately, some tablets really cannot support recording. As a rule, this applies to those devices on which Android 4.0 was installed. And even updating to 5.0 will not help in this case. This is due to the OS specifics that cannot be got rid of. When recording from smartphones, though, such problems do not occur.