Holy War: browser game

The new browser game Holy War will allow you to become a member of the holy war and lead an army to retake the holy lands. The player has one of three opposing sides, such as Saracens, pagans, and knights, each of which differs not only in special bonus characteristics but also in specific rare items. Your character will be able to take part in robberies, fight on the battlefield, and test his courage in various tournaments. If you want to take a break from the constant fighting, you can build a home for your character, which you will improve and turn into an impregnable fortress over time. However, you cannot get a huge mansion for free. You must have special coins to fulfill your needs. Gold coins will help you bet on the winners of players who play in the arena. The laziest users will be able to use a mode called Work.

Holy War

Those players who feel like leaders can train at the head of their own guild or join an existing guild to gain fame and respect from other users. The advantage is that the game has the ability to create a personal order from the first levels of development of the player’s line. Such a simple approach to collective passing will help you to add value to the game, good or evil. Those users who focus on dialogue will enjoy a new and unique system of diplomacy with the ability to forge important alliances and treacherous plots. Another advantage of the game is the presence of tutorials, which will give you answers to any questions about the gameplay. Finally, we must say that the Holy War has a beautiful interface. Detailed drawing of elements will give the players the pleasure in their beauty and aesthetics.

We also want to give you a little bit of criticism. Firstly, developers don’t give users anything radical. The game was only updated, for example, now has a character enhancement system combined with improvements to individual skills that exist in the number of seven. You will also be able to use the new equipment. Secondly, the game developers introduced the possibility of receiving a premium account for external money. This was done to not limit any player.