What is Play-to-Earn (P2E), and does it worth it?

Play-to-Earn (P2E) is a gaming concept that combines playing and earning. In P2E, participants play crypto games and get cryptocurrency for it. What has influenced the growing popularity of such games? How do they work? How do you make money from it, and how risky is it?
We will answer all these questions in this article.

Stay tuned if you are interested. Let us tell you right away that the primary currency you will be earning in P2E is bitcoin. You are probably already familiar with it. But did you know this cryptocurrency is far from being as secure and confidential as they say? To be completely anonymous, we recommend you use this bitcoin blender.

If you have any questions about its functionality, you can visit FAQ on the same website. Here we go!

How P2E-games work

In P2E games, users get different in-game items (weapons, armor, unique pets, mounts, etc.) and then sell them, thereby getting cryptocurrency. Well, that’s in a nutshell. To make it more straightforward to you how it all works, here’s a more concrete example. The first crypto game was CryptoKitties.

It appeared in late 2017 and immediately became so popular that the Ethereum network on which the game was based began to fail seriously. Players could buy, sell, collect, and breed virtual cats in this game. In 2018, one of these cats was auctioned off for a record $170,000. Imagine that!


Okay, how much can I make from P2E games?

There is no limitation to how much you can earn from these games, and the value of some in-game items can reach tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars. What is astonishing is that you can sell the in-game items and rent them, thus getting a passive income.
But still, if we talk about numbers more precisely and accurately, you can make anywhere from $10 to $1000 a month as a newbie.

The pitfalls of P2E games

Of course, it could be smoother. Games where you can make money, are fading away quickly. That said, what’s interesting is that such projects often appear very suddenly, attracting the attention of a large audience. An example of such a P2E game is STEPN. At the beginning of 2022, this project was highly famous and popular, and every other cryptocurrency enthusiast was talking about it.

But amid the influx of users, its profitability dropped significantly, and in the mechanics of STEPN, some experts found signs of a pyramid scheme. At the same time, suspicions about the project do not cancel the fact that the early platform players managed to make good money. But now, the project is almost inactive.

To sum up

P2E is an exciting thing, and this industry is now actively developing. But before you invest in any P2E project with time or money, you need to understand one thing: for a stable income, the game must have a constant flow of players. It’s better to look for new, little-tested games and reach the highest peaks before others.

Of course, if you sincerely like some old-timer project, you can try to become the best in it, but you need to remember that it will be challenging because of the severe competition.