What is the difference between gambling and betting things?

Gambling and betting – these two words are in the ears of every gambling enthusiast, but what about beginners? This material is designed just for them. In it, we will tell you how these two approaches differ. By the way, we’ve found a perfect beginner’s casino here – Plinko. It’s designed as several arcade games, so you shouldn’t have any problems using it.

Gambling vs. betting

Gambling is an approach in traffic arbitrage directly related to gambling and casinos. It can be said that gambling acts as an online casino or product that combines a casino, a bookmaker’s office, and various lotteries. Gambling is a niche for gamblers who aim to have fun, tickle their nerves, and make money.

Betting is an approach dedicated to betting on sports, cyber sports, and other events whose outcomes cannot be predicted — for example, the presidential elections. In the case of betting, bookmaker’s offices are promoted. Here are the main distinctions between the two niches.

License and legality of activities

In most countries, sports betting is allowed and officially licensed. Gambling is forbidden in many countries, so players in this vertical may have difficulties. For example, the impossibility of depositing from a bank card. Or, on the contrary – the impossibility of withdrawing winnings.

Approach to the players

Emotions of streamers, stories of successful people, and news approaches work in gambling. To make money in betting, you must know the market well and draw players’ attention to the most exciting and maybe even controversial matches.

As for the players, it is approximately the same scheme: a person will be interested in a betting project only if he presents good odds and stakes on exciting matches. In the case of gambling, a potential player will care about high RTP and responsible administration.



Gambling people are always interested in offers and can play online casinos often. In betting, the target audience’s interest is highest during major sporting events at a particular time. That is why the earnings from betting are much smaller than from gambling.

This is due to the regularity of conversions and the work conditions in these two niches. More often, the Revenue Share payment model is used in betting, while in gambling, CPL and Hybrid offers are also in demand, which allows you to diversify the risks.

The target audience in gambling and betting

The target audience in gambling is the users who can make a deposit. And the more significant – the better. It is people aged 20 to 60 years. Exactly they are solvent and demonstrate a good interest in Internet services. By the way, we are talking about men and many women among gambling enthusiasts.

There are two main types of players:

  1. People who want to make money play casinos because they want to make money. But when such players begin to lose, their hopes are dashed, and they leave. Therefore, this audience needs to be more capable of generating significant profits.
  2. Users who regularly make deposits – we are talking about regular players who go to casinos to relax and have fun. But also, in this subcategory, some people are ready to spend all their hard-earned money virtually. In any case, such people are driven by the satisfaction of their gambling needs. They also want to win, but this is only one of their goals, so they stay much longer.

As for the betting audience, it is very similar to the audience of gamblers. However, it is worth understanding that betting fans are (as a rule) sports fans, and many do not consider that they are engaged in gambling activities.